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Card phát T901

Card phát T901

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1.800.000 đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: CardphtT901

1. Support 1~64 scan, compatible with indoor and outdoor full color and single color module.

2. Control range: 1.3 million pixels, the widest 3840 (need video processor), and the highest 2048.

3. One DVI video input.

4. Supports up to 65536 grayscale level.

5. Support cascading with serial port to configure multiple sending cards, support sending card cascade to control screen in high resolution



Module type

Compatible with indoor and outdoor full   color and single color module;

Support PWM   chips and conventional chip

scanning method

Supports   any scanning method from static to 1/64 scan

Control range

1.3 million pixels (1280*1024@60Hz)

Notewidth more than1920 pixels, it need used with video processor.


Support   0-65536 level adjustable

Program update

DVI   synchronous display

Temperature of working environment



Input: 5V power supply terminal, DVIx1, USB 2.0   x1, PCI finger x1, serial cascade x1, Audio x1

Output: 1000M RJ45 x2, serial for cascadingx1



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