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Module P10 Full màu SMD ngoài trời

Module P10 Full màu SMD ngoài trời

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170.000 đ
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Item Unit Parameter
Pixel Pitch mm 10.00
Pixel Density dots/sqm 10,000
Resolution of Module dots 32×16
Module Size mm 320×160
Led Package SMD 3535
Drive IC 5020
Chip Brand of LEDs Epistar
Module Weight kgs/pc 0.46
Brightness (White Balance) nits(cd/sq.m) 5500~6000
Red Wavelength nm 620-625
Green Wavelength nm 520-525
Blue Wavelength nm 470-475
Scan Mode   1/4Scan
View Distance M 8~100
Best View Distance M 12.5~33
Viewing Angle-Horizontal deg. 140
Viewing Angle-Vertical deg. 70
Module Maximum Power W 31
Max. Power Consumption W/sq.m 610
Avg. Power Consumption W/sq.m 350-450
Working Voltage 40A 5V/80A 5V
Power Supply AC 110/220V
Waterproof Grade IP65
Refresh Rate Hz/S >600
Frame Rate Hz/S ≥ 60
Gray Scale 4096 grades gray
Display Color 256*256*256
Display Function Text,news,advertising,flash,animation
Luminance Degradation Less than 5% after 1000 hours Ageing test, testing current 30mA, under normal temperature 25℃.
Defective Dot Rate   <0.0001
Life Span hours 100,000
MTBF hours >10,000
Storage Temperature -35 -- +80
Working Temperature -25 -- +60
Working Humidity 10%-90%RH
Control System Synchronization or Asynchronization
Working Environment 1 Years
Other Fertures Outdoor
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